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How much will my video or audio edit cost? It all depends!

My fee is based on numerous factors, such as the audio cleaning, voice-overs, background music, script and storyboard creation, images insertion, product end format (youtube, mobile, website or all).

Will you need the completed video / audio installed on your website?

Will you need a player for your website?

For a complete price quote and completion date contact myself via the contact us page or my support desk.

Blackboard video and cartoon videos

Once a storyboard is created with voice over script background music and images layout is confirmed, most videos under 2:00 minutes cost about $2,750.

Green Screen in Kitchener Ontario

If you live in the Kitchener, Waterloo Ontario area will you come to my place and shoot a green Screen?  YES, Prices vary dependant on location. script and length of time needed to film yourself.  Setup takes about 1 hour I bring the green screen, lighting and video camera then bring it back to my office to edit.  My next questions are do you want text, images and background music?

Most videos under 2:00 minutes cost about $3,750.

 Audio editing and cleaning

Removal of hum, hiss, cell phones or background music added, Note: no background sound can never be completely removed but in most cases may be reduced significantly.Prices for this project vary depentant on the length of audio and editing time involved. For a sample of differences before and after see my portfolio. For a price quote contact myself via the contact us page or my support desk.
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